All 54 of the Star Tours 2 Ride Combinations

When looking at the search terms people have put into Google (other search engines are available, though rarely used) over the last few days I noticed quite a few people searching for the number of ride combinations on the new Star Tours 2 ride in Walt Disney World. So, without further ado, here are the 54 possible combinations.

Escape From Planet 1 Hologram Planet 2
Darth Vader Hoth Yoda Coruscant
Darth Vader Hoth Yoda Naboo
Darth Vader Hoth Yoda Death Star
Darth Vader Hoth Ackbar Coruscant
Darth Vader Hoth Ackbar Naboo
Darth Vader Hoth Ackbar Death Star
Darth Vader Hoth Leia Coruscant
Darth Vader Hoth Leia Naboo
Darth Vader Hoth Leia Death Star
Darth Vader Kashyyyk Yoda Coruscant
Darth Vader Kashyyyk Yoda Naboo
Darth Vader Kashyyyk Yoda Death Star
Darth Vader Kashyyyk Ackbar Coruscant
Darth Vader Kashyyyk Ackbar Naboo
Darth Vader Kashyyyk Ackbar Death Star
Darth Vader Kashyyyk Leia Coruscant
Darth Vader Kashyyyk Leia Naboo
Darth Vader Kashyyyk Leia Death Star
Darth Vader Tatooine Yoda Coruscant
Darth Vader Tatooine Yoda Naboo
Darth Vader Tatooine Yoda Death Star
Darth Vader Tatooine Ackbar Coruscant
Darth Vader Tatooine Ackbar Naboo
Darth Vader Tatooine Ackbar Death Star
Darth Vader Tatooine Leia Coruscant
Darth Vader Tatooine Leia Naboo
Darth Vader Tatooine Leia Death Star
Stormtroopers Hoth Yoda Coruscant
Stormtroopers Hoth Yoda Naboo
Stormtroopers Hoth Yoda Death Star
Stormtroopers Hoth Ackbar Coruscant
Stormtroopers Hoth Ackbar Naboo
Stormtroopers Hoth Ackbar Death Star
Stormtroopers Hoth Leia Coruscant
Stormtroopers Hoth Leia Naboo
Stormtroopers Hoth Leia Death Star
Stormtroopers Kashyyyk Yoda Coruscant
Stormtroopers Kashyyyk Yoda Naboo
Stormtroopers Kashyyyk Yoda Death Star
Stormtroopers Kashyyyk Ackbar Coruscant
Stormtroopers Kashyyyk Ackbar Naboo
Stormtroopers Kashyyyk Ackbar Death Star
Stormtroopers Kashyyyk Leia Coruscant
Stormtroopers Kashyyyk Leia Naboo
Stormtroopers Kashyyyk Leia Death Star
Stormtroopers Tatooine Yoda Coruscant
Stormtroopers Tatooine Yoda Naboo
Stormtroopers Tatooine Yoda Death Star
Stormtroopers Tatooine Ackbar Coruscant
Stormtroopers Tatooine Ackbar Naboo
Stormtroopers Tatooine Ackbar Death Star
Stormtroopers Tatooine Leia Coruscant
Stormtroopers Tatooine Leia Naboo
Stormtroopers Tatooine Leia Death Star

What would be your ideal combination? Mine is Stormtroopers > Hoth > Leia > Naboo.

For those that may want it, here is a link to the spreadsheet on Google Docs with a 5th column so you can check off each ride combination you experience and keep track of how many you’ve completed. If a Google Docs spreadsheet isn’t your thing then here are 2 graphics that you can print off and keep check of your progress. Until I one day make it to Walt Disney World or Disneyland in California (Star Tours 2 opens there on June 4th) then I’ll enjoy Star Tours 2 vicariously through all of you.

Star Tours 2 Ride Combinations Check List Page 1

Star Tours 2 Ride Combinations Check List Page 2

While we are talking about Star Tours 2, check out all the awesome articles and videos over at Inside the Magic, including this great video of the Star Tours 2 grand opening dedication with George Lucas, Bob Iger and more. I so wish I could have been there – one day!



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8 Responses to “All 54 of the Star Tours 2 Ride Combinations”

  1. Goze211 says:

    How did you get this info? Very cool. Thanks for the chart.

  2. Drubbs says:

    Great job, we now have a 16% chance of seeing the combos we haven’t,
    after 8 times, no Ackbar, no death star!!! It’s is awesome tho!! Hope u make it someday!!

    • Steve says:

      I’m hoping they bring the update to Disneyland Paris but by all accounts that isn’t looking likely at the moment. I’ll just have to get over my fear of flying and come to America!

  3. Scott says:

    As an Annual Pass holder to Disneyland Resort in Anahiem, I’ve been on it roughly 20-25 times in last 4 months. I can say that I do not believe we’ve had a duplicate ride experience. That being said, we’ve experienced the Tatooine scene more often than not with Kashyyk a close second. The second seqence most often seen has been the Naboo scene.

    For an “original” junkie such as myself, the Hoth scene is my favorite. We had to ride it 7 times one weekend just to experience it once the very last time we rode Sunday night.

    My favorite combination would be Storm Troopers, Hoth, Leia, Death Star (only experienced once).

    • Steve says:

      That sounds amazing Scott – I’d love to live close enough to a park to make use of an annual pass. What’s Hoth like and also Naboo? There are rumours circulating now that Disneyland Paris will get the update in 2015 but I don’t think that will happen. It’s taken them a long time to push through the new Ratatouille ride which actually started over a year ago but then stopped due to funding issues.

  4. snap on smile…

    [...]All 54 of the Star Tours 2 Ride Combinations | Fabled Thoughts[...]…

  5. Steeeve says:

    Stormtroopers > Hoth > Ackbar > Coruscant

    In my opinion, Coruscant is easily the best. You get a full on space battle and then drop down into the city against traffic! Hoth is also exceptional and very true to Episode 5, the general favorite of the series.

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